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The Grounds Crew has partnered with TruGreen Lawn Care for our customer’s lawn care treatment program.  Programs range from the basic three step all the way to a six step program.  Most of our customers select a four step.  Unfortunately, mowing and watering are always enough to grow the thick, green lawn we all wish for.  The treatments most lawns need, regular fertilization, week control, aeration and overseeding can be tedious and time consuming.  That’s where a professional lawn service comes in handy.

Our technicians take pride in your lawn and aren’t satisfied with it’s appearance until you are too.  They understand each lawn is different than the next and take pride in a custom lawn care program based solely on your lawn’s needs.

In early spring, late February, through late April, technicians begin with Step 1, pre-emergent crabgrass control plus lawn food.  Step 2, applied in late May, takes care of most weeds and encourages root growth.  Step 3, mid-summer, strengthens the lawn against head and drought. Step 4, late Summer through Fall, greens the lawn and helps protect it through next Spring.

Scheduling and billing is still sent through The Grounds Crew to minimize the amount of invoicing to customers.

Ask us about our partnership with TruGreen Lawn Care for your fertilizer needs!